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Champ vs Spooky

A lot of people, when talking about their pets, start out by saying something like, "I know everyone says they have the best cat ever, but I REALLY have the best cat ever." Well, I am not one of those people. I have 2 cats, and while I think they are fine cats, I don't think they are the best ever. Not even close.

Don't get me wrong, I love my cats, but love is a weird thing. Especially with pets. I love them not because they are so wonderful, but because they are mine. I'm not sure if that's love but for arguments sake let's say it is.


Very pretty face.
Has cool colors (orange and white).
Likes to curl up on pillows.
Likes to snuggle.
Is very friendly with all people big and small.
Is very curious about dogs and likes them.
Licks people and makes them feel special.
Has eyes that say "I miss you when you're gone."
I have her name tattooed on my arm.

Jumps on table and knocks stuff down.
Has one runny eye (this eye will go bad in the future and make her a cute one-eyed cat).
Is afraid of the dark.
Licks incessantly and her tongue is rough.
Her name isn't that great.
Doesn't give a shit about cat nip or tuna fish.
Has eyes that say "I'm needy."
I have her name tattooed on my arm!


Is a quiet storm.
Does not mind getting his nails trimmed.
Sort of looks like a Russian dude.
Has extremely soft fur.
Likes to snuggle.
Likes to have his stomach rubbed and rolls around until you do so.
Will occasionally jump on your shoulders.
Has appropriate boundaries.
Gets very very excited by cat nip and tuna fish.
Has eyes that say "I get you."
Will kill for me.

Meows for food (it's not that bad but Spooky is nearly perfect so I had to think of something).
Loves chewing on plastic bags, especially the handles.
Always wants to eat (this is cute for 2 reasons, one being that he will be super fat one day and two, he is easily tricked into thinking there is new food in his bowl when really I just pretend to put it in).
Sheds quite a bit.
Picks fights with Champ.
Is terrified of dogs.
Doesn't give a shit about kids. Doesn't really seem to give a shit about other people (I like that).
If there is a bug or a mouse, will bring it to me "as a gift," and while this is sweet in theory, having a "waterbug" dropped on my head at 4am is not ideal.
Has eyes that say "You might be irrelevant."

My main question is, does anyone want to adopt Champ? I have a small apartment, allergies, a short temper, and feel that Champ would be a lot happier in an environment where there are squirrels to watch and possibly more playmates. I know I'm the worst mom. The only response I have to that is...sorry?

2:04 p.m. - 2007-05-15


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