Things Adults Do:

1. Rinse coffee pot after every use.
2. Seperate whites and colors.
3. Buy blue recycling bags.
4. Take vitamins.
5. Have a favorite mug.
6. Have distinguished handwriting.
7. Have a "card."
8. They are busy a lot.
9. Know how much to tip.
10. Know how to fold fitted sheets.
11. Usually have stamps in their wallets.
12. Enjoy movies like "The China Syndrome" or "Chinatown" or other movies that have "China" in the title.
13. Talk about gas prices.
14. Don't get social anxiety really, or act shy.
15. Either they don't eat egg yolk at all or it's a non-issue.
16. They don't switch radio stations, if the radio is turned on at all.

1:01 p.m. - 2007-05-14


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