I decided I like how this has few pictures, very little dazzle.

If it were a house, it would have a telephone ("land line").

If it were a car, it would have a tape deck.

I remember I used to drive home at 9am after having not slept. I'd open the window and slap myself in the face to stay awake. I'd force myself to sing as loud as I could. Did it never occur to me to drink coffee?

I miss driving around in my old Cabriolet. It was the same car the cool chick had in Can't Buy Me Love.

What I love about driving is that I control the radio, I control the mix tapes, I can multi task. I can feel okay about complaining in traffic, and if you don't like the way I drive then you can call 1-800-eat shit. I like smoking in the car.

Farber showed me how to put on eyeliner while driving. I'll never forget that.

9:23 p.m. - 2007-04-10


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